MedTech Outlook Magazine, a peer-vetted, authoritative journal on trends, challenges and solutions in the medical technology industry, has recognized COVR Medical with a 2020 Top Ten Surgical Solutions Provider Award.

“The innovative thought and high standards with which these products were developed are indicative of the experts behind the company”, said the article dedication entitled “Armoring Patient Dignity and Modesty”.

COVR Medical announces the launch of the Bilateral with Releasable Sides. “Our new product features releasable VELCRO® attachments on both sides of the waistband for greater procedural access, urinary catheter insertion, and post-procedural bed pan use.” said Heather Levy, President of COVR Medical. “It also opens the modesty garment market to gynecology, urology and gastrointestinal procedures such as colonoscopies – procedures in which exposure may not be totally eliminated but can be significantly reduced through the use of our new garments.” The Bilateral with Releasable Sides are unisex and come in a variety of adult and youth sizes. For a short video demonstrating the releasable sides, click on the “watch” button below.

Dr. Tom Shives and Tracey McCray, the hosts of Mayo Clinic Radio featured an entire segment of their program on COVR Medical garments, including an on-air conversation with Dr. Bruce Levy, CEO of COVR Medical.

In the program, the genesis of the company is discussed and Tracey describes patients’ appreciation for the garments and further states that COVR “helps people feel a lot more comfortable when they are undergoing surgery”

Cindy Scharz of iHeart Media interviewed COVR Medical CEO, Dr. Bruce Levy for Planet Vera  Radio – a show dedicated to “educating patients for better care.” Cindy says “I am astounded the nakedness allowed, required, submitted to, and expected in the medical community, and seemingly without any reasoning and/or justification” as Dr. Levy informs her as to the clinical reasons why patients must undress and, subsequently, how COVR Medical garments meets the clinical needs of medical professionals while also meeting the of privacy needs of the patient.

Dan Barreiro, host of the Bumper to Bumper show on KFAN Radio – the Minnesota sports talk show leader – FM 100.3 – iHeartRadio, interviewed Dr. Bruce Levy, Founder of COVR Medical at their live Rochesterfest location.

Dan refers to COVR Medical garments as “revolutionary, so simple, feels so comfortable … and helps people feel less stressed. In the interview he asks Dr. Levy why it took the medical community so long to address this need.

To hear the interview, click below move to 1:11:10 on the recording.

Destination Medical Center (DMC), a 20-year, $5.6 billion economic development initiative to make Rochester a global destination for health and wellness has featured COVR Medical in the Entrepreneurial Spotlight section of their newsletter. The article describes COVR as “facilitating patient dignity one surgery at a time” and Dr. Levy describes the company’s appreciation for the entrepreneurial support provided by the Rochester community.

Mayo Clinic features COVR Medical “In the Loop” (news) section of their website. The article recounts the genesis of COVR Medical garments and describes Mayo’s experience with the product and the value that it provides to patients. “Mayo Clinic began using COVR garments in 2017”.

Authority healthcare innovation writer, Christina D. Warner, features COVR Medical garments in the magazine’s segment on “Big Ideas That Might Change The World In The Next Few Years”. The article describes how
Healthcare is just starting to understand the anxiety felt by patients who fear exposure during a medical or surgical procedure.

COVR Medical was featured in an NBC News medical report by Beret Leone of KTTC-TV and broadcast on many other NBC affiliates). The patient-centered report features an interview with Dr. Bruce Levy, CEO of COVR.