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Destination Medical Center (DMC), a 20-year, $5.6 billion economic development initiative to make Rochester a global destination for health and wellness has featured COVR Medical in the Entrepreneurial Spotlight section of their newsletter. The article describes COVR as “facilitating patient dignity one surgery at a time” and Dr. Levy describes the company’s appreciation for the entrepreneurial support provided by the Rochester community.

Mayo Clinic features COVR Medical “In the Loop” (news) section of their website. The article recounts the genesis of COVR Medical garments and describes Mayo’s experience with the product and the value that it provides to patients. “Mayo Clinic began using COVR garments in 2017”.

Authority healthcare innovation writer, Christina D. Warner, features COVR Medical garments in the magazine’s segment on “Big Ideas That Might Change The World In The Next Few Years”. The article describes how
Healthcare is just starting to understand the anxiety felt by patients who fear exposure during a medical or surgical procedure.

COVR Medical was featured in a medical report by Beret Leone on KTTC-TV this week (and possibly broadcast in other NBC stations/markets). The patient-centered report features and interview with Dr. Bruce Levy, CEO and Heather Levy, President of COVR Medical.

COVR Medical is being featured in EVERYDAY HEALTH – one of the largest consumer health websites with 44 million monthly users, a registered community of 70 million, and a social media audience of 5.9 million. EVERYDAY HEALTH is committed to providing trusted, evidence-based health and medical information from the nation’s leading healthcare providers and patient advocates at the center of clinical care.

Effective Jan 2, 2019, Thomas B. Pavilon has been appointed to the position of US National Sales Manager for COVR Medical, LLC. Tom is a commercial executive with experience in both life sciences and industrial organizations.  As a consultant, he has worked with industry leaders...

COVR Medical is being featured in the January edition of Twin Cities Business – Minnesota’s leading provider of business news. In the article entitled “Mayo Clinic Looks South”, reporter Sam Schaust states that
the groin has “long been a shared point of awkwardness for doctors and patients” Follow the link to read the magazine and see page 13.

James Rabe, host of Y-105 FM Rochester, “hates” hospital gowns and let the world know in a piece featured on the radio station’s web site. In his article, he thanked COVR for developing its garments and refers to us as “a miracle” that has arrived.

In addition to being flattered by the complement, we agree with Rabe that no matter how hard a gown (or drape or towel) tries to keep things covered, “something slips out”.  The many benefits of COVR Medical’s garments include stay-in-place designs that provide full coverage (Front and Back) for the patient and procedural access for the medical staff.

To see the article on Y-105’s website:

COVR Medical’s CEO, Dr. Bruce Levy, was interviewed today by Neil Howard of Health Professional Radio, an internet-only media network that has been broadcasting globally since 2012.  With staff in both the medical field and information technology, Health Professional Radio promotes awareness of healthcare issues for health professionals. The COVR Medical interview was broadcast in their Health Supplier Segment and featured on their web-site:

COVR Medical has been featured on numerous radio spots. The company and its products were discussed live on KFAN radio – The Twin Cities Sports Leader. In the discussion, host Dan Barreiro expressed his dissatisfaction with hospital gowns and described COVR medical garments to his listeners. For the next hour, they continued to discuss the issue of patient exposure and read numerous emails from listeners describing their embarrassing stories. COVR was also described on local stations Hot 96.7 FM and station KTOE AM 1420 and FM 102.7.

07/13/2018 During a live case transmission at the  CVC Conference (Arterial and Venous Endovascular Conference), held in Chicago, Dr. Thomas Davis, an Interventional Cardiologist encouraged his peers to look at COVR Medical garments. “It keeps the patient nicely covered”, said Dr. Davis. “My staff wishes that...

06/04/2018 Orlando, Florida The Bilateral COVR Medical garment was introduced at the C3 Conference (Advanced Endovascular and Coronary Intervention Global Summit) held in Orlando, Florida by Dr. Rajesh Dave, a Cardiologist at Geisinger Holy Spirit Hospital. Dr. Dave was in the process of performing a live case demonstration...

7/19/2018 Rochester MN COVR Medical is pleased to announce the hiring of Bellmont Partners  as the company’s Public Relations firm. Bellmont Partners will work with the company to manage media relations, raise awareness of COVR Medical garments with key target markets, and empower patients to request COVR...

7/18/2018 Rochester, MN COVR Medical, LLC is pleased to announce the signing of a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with Mayo Clinic Ventures. The agreement establishes processes and protocols around the company's opportunity to work with Mayo Clinic professionals towards the development of new products. "We are very excited...

7/05/2018 – Rochester, MN Covr Medical, LLC today announced the signing of a Distribution Services Agreement with Owens & Minor. “This is another major distribution milestone for our company.” said COVR Medical CEO, Dr. Bruce Levy. “It’s the continued expansion of our brand into one of the...