COVR Medical Garments

Designed to meet the needs of both the patient and the medical staff, COVR garments provide complete coverage of the patient’s genitalia while allowing procedural access to the hip, groin, thigh and other areas of the pelvis.

Medical Garment

NEW FOR 2018! It's reversible, retractable and releasable

For medical and surgical procedures requiring access to the hip. For example:{|}{ul}Total Hip Arthroplasty{,} Hip Arthroscopy{,} Hip Injections / Aspirations{,} MR Arthrograms{,} Hip Fractures{,} Total or Partial Knee Arthroplasty (Replacement){,} Arthroscopic Knee Surgery (ACL, PCL, Meniscus Repair, Etc.).{,} Abdominal Liposuction{,} Pediatric Surgery{|}This product is also used as a general hospital undergarment.

Medical Garment

Features a retractable front panel for patient preparation and procedural access.

For medical and surgical procedures that require bilateral access to both the hip and groin regions. For example: {|}{ul}Cath Lab{,} Interventional Radiology{,} Venous Ultrasound/Ablation{,} Vascular Surgery

Medical Garment

Provides complete access to patient’s flank. Shoulder strap can also be converted into a waistband.

For medical and surgical procedures requiring complete access to the patient's flank. For example, intra-abdominal or thoracic procedures including lung and liver biopsies, as well as kidney, spleen and other procedures.

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